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RAINFOREST godfather + Guayusa tea + voucher 20%

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    Become a rainforest sponsor + Guayusa tea + 20% voucher for our tea shop (valid for 5 years - for any number of purchases in our tea shop)

    While many are still discussing climate protection, we have already bought over 1,000 hectares of rainforest (in the Amazon) and are actively protecting it from deforestation. An indigenous people with 12 families live in our rainforest and we are happy to let them live there. The residents collect valuable herbs and teas for its-my-tea-time and we support the people with food.

    We now want to buy more rainforest and therefore offer you the following package:

    Become a rainforest sponsor of a few square meters of rainforest and thus ensure that CO2 is bound:

    5 square meters bind 92 kg of CO2 annually

    25 square meters bind 471 kg of CO2 annually

    50 square meters bind 943 kg CO2 annually

    For comparison, the CO2 emissions for a German per year (depending on which statistics you can believe) are between 8.5 and 11.2 tons.

    With our 50 square meter package, you have already taken a good step towards compensating 1/10 of the average CO2 emissions per year.

    But we go one step further:
    With your sponsorship (only a one-off payment is necessary and no running costs!) You and many other sponsors of our current 1,000 hectare rainforest. This way you actively protect a piece of valuable rainforest!

    In addition, we use the money to buy other old plantations and reforest them with a tree population that corresponds to nature. With your sponsorship of a 50-square-meter plot of land, you supported a total of 100 square meters and were therefore bound to double the CO2 emissions!

    From now on we will be happy to inform you regularly about the development of our rainforest and our projects (reforestation of old plantations etc.). Together for a better future - that's its-my-tea-time

    Thank you for your support!

    * We will refund the shipping costs, which are calculated automatically, immediately after purchase! Unfortunately this is technically not possible - thank you for your understanding!

    You also get our Guayusa Indian tea and a 5-year voucher for 20% for any number of purchases in our online tea shop!

    Your team from its-my-tea-time

    Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. We will respond as soon as we can.
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